About The Project

Ethereum Premium provides a platform to store and transfer value for enterprises. We in particular target small and medium enterprises, to allow them to manage and transfer parts of their funds easily and conveniently, without involving any third parties including banks.

For many businesses, it is almost impossible to create a bank to store its own value. The value stored and transferred as Ethereum Premium will continue to exist in the same system fully controlled by the value owner, allowing to utilize the available funds similar to a bank.

Payments of any kind including salaries made via Ethereum Premium will pour into the same value pool. This is a joint pool shared by employees and employers, naturally bounding their interests together. The value in the pool can be invested or utilized for projects.


Our Features

Advantage of the Project


Security System




With Arbitration

Development of Ethereum Premium Platform
(Road Map)

  • 2017

    Birth of the idea

    (September - October)

    Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts


  • 2018

    (1Q 2018)

    Bounty & Pre-Sale

    (2Q 2018)

    End of bounty and pre-sale | transition to ico

    (3Q 2018)

    Landing page

    (2Q 2021)

    Expansion of the team

  • 20212022

    (4Q 2021)

    Beginning large-scale launching efforts with partners

    (2Q 2022)

    Finalizing deals with
    selected firms

    (4Q 2022)

    The first transaction with the Ethereum Premium Card

Core Team

Jerome Reed

    Is a crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur. With his background in systems, platforms, and cryptocurrencies, he has a coherent and strong vision. He is currently leading the team.


Helen Vanmatre

    Is a digital artist and web designer. He is responsible for the development of the brand, internet visibility, and visuals.


Blanche Smith

    Manages marketing, social media, and public relations.


Walter D. Noles

    Is a scientist and engineer with years of experience in big data and blockchain. He is the technical lead and responsible for the technical and scientific development of the platform.

Our Advisors

Louie Ferguson

(Forex Expert)


Kyle Talbot

(Advanced Developer)


Harrison Hewitt

(Computer Engineer)


Fai Shen

(Crypto Money Expert)



The maximum supply of Ethereum Premium is capped to 10,000,000.

Token Name: Ethereum Premium

Symbol: ETHPR

Decimals: 4

Contract Address: 0xb4F5438c3C2A682da351Ab6b57edC8530efD67bE